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Gulf Coast Weather

"The ship, this ship, our ship, the ship we serve, is the moral symbol of our life."— Joseph Conrad

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Know when the coast is clear. This weather display is for the one half of all Americans who live near the coast and for everyone else who is curious about the coast.

The Galveston Arrow also features weather, news, and tourist attractions for its namesake, Galveston, Texas. Galveston was the site of the 1900 Storm, the worst single disaster to ever strike the United States. Galveston is currently recovering from significant damage caused by the 2008 storm, Hurricane Ike.

Unless otherwise stated, all web page design, text, and photography are by Grady McAllister.

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Twilight in The Strand looking west

Twilight on Strand looking east

Drop off sign. Winter afternoon in Galveston

Rain Forest Cafe

Below: Crystal Beach, Labor Day weekend, 1997.

Umbrella at Crystal Beach, 1997

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Above:The sun sets on Galveston's Flagship Hotel, January 2, 2011. A Galveston landmark since 1965, demolition began shortly after this image was recorded. Below, one year later: The Flagship Pier on January 2, 2012, with the hotel removed and the amusement park under construction.

The Flagship pier one year later

The center column on this page includes our last pictures of The Flagship before Hurricane Ike.

Texas Coastal Weather Radar
Nationwide Weather Radar

Below: The Galveston seawall, 1982, a summer Sunday at dawn after a brief rain shower.

Galveston seawall, 1982

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Ship Mechanics Row


Above: Moonrise at Galveston, Texas, May 12, 2006. Photo by Grady McAllister.

Dauphin Island, Alabama Forecast

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Galveston before Hurricane Ike

The images below capture Seawall Boulevard as it looked on April 12, 2008, five months before Hurricane Ike.

The storm annihilated the Hooters and Murdochs, the first two businesses shown. Murdochs, a familiar site on on the seawall for a century, was quickly rebuilt. The Hooters, a business with a much shorter history, is now just a memory.

Entrance to Hooters on Galveston Seawall

Hooters on pier in Galveston

Murdochs in Galveston before Hurricane Ike

Flag warning sign in Galveston

The next six photos show the Flagship Hotel in the twilight of its long history. It never reopened after Hurricane Ike and was demolished in 2011.

You see these Flagship Hotel images in the same sequence they were shot April 12, 2008.  The first three were taken close to the hotel in the late afternoon sunlight.

The fourth image (with a seagull soaring high above the water) shows the hotel as it looked from the Hooters pier. The fifth photo records the Flagship up close again in the afternoon twilight. The last image shows the Flagship at dusk, viewed from the Poop Deck bar on the opposite side of Seawall Boulevard.

Galveston's Flagship Hotel as viewed from west

The Galveston Flagship Hotel before Hurrican Ike

Flagship Hotel mermaids

Galveston's Flagship Hotel as viewed from the Hooters pier

The Flagship Hotel close in Twilight

End of photos from April 12, 2008.  All of the above images can be clicked for a larger view. 

All pictures were taken with Kodachrome 64 slide film.