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In the blank after each statement, write the letter of the answer that best describes the teachings of the Time Power program.

1. Time management is the act of controlling (a) other people (b) events (c) interruptions (d) schedules. _____b

2. In the Time Power program, the asterisk is a symbol that means (a) urgent (b) important (c) important and urgent (d) very important and very urgent. ____a

3. In the A,B,C priority system, the letter "C" means (a) limited value (b) some value (c) limited value or some value (d) medium value. _____c

4. The first place to write an appointment for a future date in a Day-Timer is in the (a) current daily record (b) daily record for the date of the appointment (c) the appointments and scheduled events section for the date of the appointment (d) the monthly calendar. _____d

5. In the Time Power system, which one of these is not prioritized? (a) unifying principles (b) the unscheduled action list (c) long-term goals (d) daily action list ____b

6. Unifying principles are your (a) highest priorities in life (b) goals with deadlines (c) ways to go with the flow (d) personal life goals. ____a

7. The monthly calendar is used to (a) create a spontaneous goal (b) set priorities (c) record a time log (d) retrieve data. ___d

8. One way to enhance relevancy is (a) the spontaneous goal (b) complexity (c) preoccupation (d) concentration of power. _____a

9. When creating a daily plan, under-plan the (a) productivity goals (b) A priorities (c) C priorities (d) meetings _____b

10. Which of the following is a way to retrieve data from a previous daily record page? (a) the monthly index (b) the time log (c) the appointments and scheduled events section (d) the daily action list. _____a

11. "Be a leader" is an example of a (a) scheduled event (b) goal with the company (c) personal life goal (d) unifying principle. _____d


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