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1. Since you completed the Time Power program, have you conducted a time log on one or more work days?
__Yes  __No

If yes, did you write at least one productivity goal as the result of your findings?
__Yes  __No

If no, what prevented you from conducting the log?

__It is not practical to keep a time log in my work situation.

__It takes too much time to take a time log.

__I do not know how to keep a time log.

Please describe any other reasons :


2. During the past week, on how many days did you create a daily action list?

__7 __ 6 __5 __ 4 __3 __2 __1__0

If you created a daily action list on one or more days, did you use the "A, B, C" priority system that you learned in the program?
__Yes __No

Did you write one or more productivity goals on a daily action list?
__Yes __No


3. Please estimate the average amount of time that you have devoted to daily planning since you completed the program.

__15 minutes or more
__between 5 and 15 minutes
__less than 5 minutes

The Time Power program recommends that you spend between 15 and 30 minute each day on planning. If you have averaged less than 15 minutes per day, please indicate any reasons why you did not devote more time to planning:

__I don't feel that I can spare that much time for planning.

__The work environment makes it difficult to plan.

Please write any other reasons that limited your planning time:
 4. Have you recorded incoming information into your Day-Timer on most days since the seminar?
__Yes  __No

If yes, check any of the methods that you have used to retrieve the information.

__The monthly calendar

__The monthly index

__Index cards

__Computer data base

5. Since you attended the Time Power program, have you been in charge of a meeting?
__Yes  __No

If yes, did you begin your most recent meeting at its scheduled time?
__Yes  __No

Did you follow a written agenda?
__Yes  __No

Did the participants receive the agenda at least three days before the meeting?
__Yes  __No 

6. Since you completed the Time Power program, have you—

Identified your areas of responsibility with the  company and written goals for each area?
__Yes __No 

Written your unifying principles?
__Yes __ No 

Written goals for your personal life?

__Yes __No 

Used the eight questions for setting daily priorities?

__Yes __No


7. Please indicate whether you have applied the following skills from the Time Power program:

The nine steps for effective delegation?
__Yes __No 

The spontaneous goal?
__Yes __No 

Ways for increasing my effectiveness when attending a meeting?
__Yes __No 

Scheduling appointments in the Day-Timer?
__Yes __No

Techniques for avoiding procrastination?
__Yes __No

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