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On another web site... Here are just a few of the many articles I wrote for Mometrix, a Beaumont test preparation service:

Accuplacer Test Preparation

Praxis Test Preparation

Series 7 Test Preparation

Critical Care Registered Nurse Test Preparation

Certified Nurse Operating Room Test Preparation


This page lists work-related materials by Grady McAllister.

Pages for Prospective Employers

Comprehensive On Line Resume
This is my resume in its long form. It has more information than the two-page document sent to prospective employers. It is mainly for my personal use, but anyone can look at it. The page is permanently under construction, so at any give time, parts of it will be incomplete.

Caveo Learning Resume
I wrote this two-page PDF document to meet the specific needs of Caveo Learning. It uses a format designed for consultants, and it puts the main focus on skills and accomplishments.

The Critics Rave: What others say about my work performance

Radio Raves: Houston Retro Radio Blurb Page
Although not related to my current work, my archive of radio recordings is my most visible contribution to the Houston community. It is fair to say that it is one of the most widely respected radio history web sites.

Work Samples

Power Point Document: Making Words Work on the Web. To get the full meaning of this material, you should also read the speaker notes which go with individual slides. If you have Power Point, go to VIEW / NOTES PAGE and advance the presentation in that viewing mode.

Word Document: Three Competency Assessment Models with a focus on the petrochemical industry

All other work samples are on regular web pages.

Technical Training Manual -- chemical industry

Audiovisual Script -- chemical industry

Flash Card Writing Samples

Transcript of a short training session

Level 1 Evaluation Form -- reaction

Level 2 Evaluation Form -- learning

Level 3 Evaluation Form -- behavior

Level 4 Evaluation Form -- results

Time Management Training Evaluation Plan

Video Equipment Instruction

News Copy Samples

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