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"Your writing skills are way better than the rest of us..."

Robert B. McEntire, long-time KILT radio news anchor, in a 2009 email to Grady McAllister

For more comments from people in media see the radio history blurb page.

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What others say about the work of Grady McAllister

Also, don't miss the radio site Blurb Page.

From the Director of Training at a Houston oil field services company:

“Your writing is excellent… You have been great in getting us going with the project and helping us to deliver a stellar program that can be delivered starting in the new year… Thank you so much Grady for everything. I have been looking through Module 6 and combining it with everything else and it all looks good.”

From: William R. Gould, Ph.D., Professor, School of Physical Therapy, Texas Woman's University Institute of Health Sciences, Houston

"In our individual and busy work schedule it becomes easy to express what becomes annoying to us, to go out of our way to let everyone know what we don't like or who we don't find helpful or effective. The corollary of course is that it is less easy for us to comment on what is going right or to express our thanks to those who help us to get our job done on time and efficiently.

"With that in mind, I would like to take a moment of your time to express my appreciation for the work and cooperation that is extended to me and my fellow faculty members on the Houston Campus by Mr. Grady McAllister. I have been with TWU for only a short time, just since this past Fall, but during this time I have come to know of the work that Grady does on my behalf. He has always been courteous to me, has been competent in his manner and with getting materials arranged for class, and has been helpful with suggestions that have facilitated classroom instruction."

The Texas Physical Therapy Association sponsors the William R. Gould Award. The award honors faculty who have achieved outstanding results in the teaching of physical therapy.

From: Miguel F. da Cunha, Ph.D., Department of Experimental Radiotherapy, The University of Texas System Cancer Center, M.D. Anderson Hospital (and adjunct faculty, Texas Woman's University, Department of Biology)

To: Mr. Grady McAllister, Learning Resource Center, TWU Institute of Health Sciences - Houston

"As you prepare to leave Texas Woman's University, I wish to express my appreciation for the excellent quality of services that you have provided me during your administration of the LRC.

"As an adjunct faculty member with limited permanence on campus, it is very important to me to have all the audio-visual aids that my courses require at the odd hours that they are taught. You and your staff have always been eager to help me choose the most suitable equipment and to make all possible efforts to accommodate my needs for delivery and pick-up of that equipment. This became especially meaningful to me on the occasion of my neck surgery last Fall that left me speechless for six weeks in the middle of my Oncology course. Thanks to your efforts in adapting microphones and voice amplifiers, I was able to maintain the course continuity without much physical sacrifice.

"I wish you all the luck in securing another position and I feel assured that you will have no difficulties in using your technical and administrative skills to achieve that goal. Please feel free to give my name as a reference if you so desire, and to make use of this letter as you deem appropriate. Best wishes."

Article on nursing which interviews Dr. Da Cunha.

From: Sheryl Lawson, Ph.D., Galena Park Independent School District

"Not only does he possess an extraordinary and broad intelligence that will allow him to adapt to virtually any situation, but he also has a pleasant and friendly personality. These qualities will no doubt serve him well in any endeavor he chooses to pursue. Your organization should look no further than this unique and trustworthy individual."

From: Helen White, R.N.C., M.S., Practitioner-Teacher, Nursing Education, The Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas

To: Grady McAllister, Director of the Learning Resource Center, TWU Institute of Health Sciences - Houston

"The Department of Nursing Education wants to thank you for your participation in the Methodist Hospital Nurse Refresher Course. Your assistance in coordinating and facilitating our audiovisual needs with room arrangements is greatly appreciated. The positive evaluations from the Nurse Refresher students were greatly influenced through use of the Texas Woman's University Learning Resource Center."

From: Mona S. Kersh-Cochran, Associate Professor, The Department Of Business And Economics, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas

To: Mr. Grady McAllister, Director, Learning Resource Center, TWU Institute of Health Sciences - Houston

"Many thanks for all your help yesterday with the audiovisual equipment. The TWU Funding Council story could never have been shown without the assistance of you and your equipment.

"Your excellent Learning Resource Center facility is certainly to be commended."

From: Susan H. Crawford, R.N., Patient Care Coordinator, Mainland Home Health Services, League City, TX

To: Grady McAllister, Learning Resource Center, TWU Institute of Health Sciences - Houston

"I want to thank you for all your assistance in selecting and providing the video tape “Breath Auscultation” for Mainland’s In Service. Your help in selecting the proper material was greatly appreciated."

From: Millicent Patti, Competency Lab, TWU Institute of Health Sciences - Houston

"I have had the occasion to utilize video equipment from the Learning Resource Center. Mr. McAllister has handled my requests in an efficient, gracious manner."

From:TTexas Youth and Runaway Hotline

To: Mr. Grady McAllister, KIOX Radio, Bay City, Texas

"The Governor has asked me to send you the enclosed Certificate of Appreciation for the contribution of public service time on behalf of the runaway youth hotline project.

"It is because of efforts such as yours that the needs of troubled youth are being met."

From: Denise Phelan, Home Economist, The Rice Council, Houston, Texas

To: Mr. Grady McAllister, KIOX Radio, Bay City, Texas

"Many thanks to you again for your usual warm welcome. Curtis and I always enjoy our visit to Bay City because it gives us the privilege of-working with professionals such as yourself."

Also, don't miss the radio site Blurb Page.

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Above: Partial solar eclipse, 1984.
Photo by Grady McAllister.

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Above: The South Belt Hike and Bike Trail, August, 2010. Unless otherwise indicated, all images on this site are by Grady McAllister.