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Bertha Rita McAllister (1924-2OO2)


"Profligacy consists not in spending years of time or chests of money, but in spending them off the main line of your career. The crime which bankrupts men and states, is, job-work; declining from your main design to serve a turn here or there. Nothing is beneath you, if it is in the direction of your life: nothing is great or desirable if it is off from that."

—Ralph Waldo Emerson


Solar eclipse, 1984

Partial solar eclipse, 1984. Photo by Grady McAllister.


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Unless otherwise indicated, all commentary and photography on this site are by Grady McAllister.

Dahl: Dresden by Moonlight

Above:Blick Auf Dresden by Johan Christian Dahl. View of Dresden at Full Moon, 1839. Click image for a full view.

The Dresdner Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) on the opposite side of the bridge was destroyed in the saturation bombing of February, 1945. A rebuilt version opened in 2005.

A reproduction of the painting hangs at The Vasthead Headquarters.

Email this site
If you don't want your name to be used or an email to be quoted, please state that at the beginning of your message.

Unless otherwise indicated, all commentary and photography on this site are by Grady McAllister.


"The future of the book is the blurb"

— Marshall McLuhan


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Blurb Page

Comments on Grady's other work


I just stumbled upon your reminiscences about the old KXYZ of the 1960s, and the air checks filled my heart once again.

I loved that station! I was a student in Houston then. I was interested in radio, as I am still, though I moved on to another field (medicine). Joel Spivak, then at KILT, was a friend, along with Errol Coker.

My secret fantasy for about half-a-century has been to re-create the KXYZ sound. Never mind that there's no market for it in today's corporate radio scene. Thanks for the memories!

H. Gordon Green, M.D., The Family Way

"We just checked out your website -- EXCELLENT and full of great memories."

Message via Facebook, KIOX Radio,

El Campo, Texas, FM 96.1

KIOX is a regional station serving El Campo, Wharton, Edna, Louise, Bay City, Ganado, Palacios, Port Lavaca and Victoria.

Grady McAllister worked at KIOX during the first incarnation of the KIOX call letters. At that time, the station broadcast from Bay City and could be easily heard in Houston and Victoria. It was AM 1270 and 1000 watts, non-directional, during the day. The KIOX call letters have been used in the area since 1947.

"Your site is quickly becoming a benchmark for Houston Radio. Keep up the good work."

Chuck McCann, A.R.E Network, Austin, Texas (KNUZ, Houston, 1970)

"I love your site. It’s a remarkable site."

Paul Pendergraft, Senior Producer, News & Public Affairs, KUHF, Houston Public Radio, University of Houston

"Want to hear KNUZ radio recordings from the mid-1960s? Grady McAllister has posted a couple of new audio files on his Houston radio history Web site. And while you're there, check out KILT's breaking news coverage of the Kennedy assassination."

J.R. Gonzales, Houston Chronicle

"Love the way the site is growing... congratulations... keep up the good work!"

Bill Young, Bill Young Productions

Bill Young was program director of KILT at the time of most of the KILT airchecks. The success of his own production company is a well known legend among Houstonians involved in advertising, media, and entertainment. You will find more remarks from Bill Young among the various aircheck pages.

Bill Young is author of Dead Air: The Rise and Demise of Music Radio.

"There are many radio sites for assorted markets regarding radio history, but you have done an incredible job. Kudos to you! All the best... "

Bob Green, Bob Green Productions

Bob Green was program director of KULF at the time of most of the KULF airchecks.

"A friend of mine just sent me your site.  I was blown away... It was a wonderful time in Houston radio due to the competition between 610 and 1230 and the kids were the recipients of all that talent and drive. Thanks for the site..."

Robert A. Armbruster
Staff Counsel
Houston Police Officers' Union

The story of the KILT-KNUZ Wars is on the Mainly 60's page.

"Houston radio in the 70's, for me, was magical. Your site brought back some great memories. Many thanks, and keep up the good work! "

Kindest Regards,
Bill Grady
KMBZ. Kansas City

"I've been looking around your extensive web site. Lots there."

Mike Vance, Executive Producer,
Postcards from Texas,
KTBU-TV, Channel 55, Houston-Conroe

"Love the web site."

Rowdy Yates, KILT-FM Morning Drive DJ

"Just came upon your site and all the things you saved and I lost years ago. Thanks so much for doing this. I have downloaded them to keep in my archives.

"I just wanted to thank you very much."

Alex Bennett
New York, New York

This web site has an entire page devoted to Alex Bennett materials.

Alex Bennett built his talk radio reputation in Houston, San Francisco, and New York City. He is currently heard on Sirius Left 146.

"Thank you for your preservation efforts of an amazing time in Houston radio."

Robert B. McEntire,
KILT Radio,
Houston (1967-2OO8)

"Thanks for your efforts in preserving old Houston radio. What you are doing is an unbelievable service for the community and historians.

"Because of your efforts, years from now there will be this historical archive. All of this would have vanished to the general public without your unselfish efforts.

"On behalf of myself and the thousands that will find out about our past through your web site, I can't thank you enough. I have told many people about your site and will continue to spread the word. Best wishes."

Gene Arnold

Gene Arnold, a long time Houston broadcaster, filled several roles at KODA (1010 AM and 99.1 FM) during the 60's and 70's. He worked in news, sports, music programming, and sales. He also became a prominent play by play sportscaster. He has contributed numerous recordings to this web site.

"Enjoyed roaming thru your site… great fun."

Dr. Bruce Nelson
KENR and KNUZ (1972-1991); Texas Radio Hall of Fame, 2009

"Great Site!"

Ron Foster, ABC Radio

"You've got a really nice web site. "

Frank (The Old Texan) Haley

Frank Haley was involved in news and public affairs at KILT and KTRH in Houston. He went on to a long broadcasting career in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Haley produced the KILT program on illegal drugs featured on the News & Public Affairs page.

That program is based mainly on interviews conducted by Grady McAllister. Most were recorded in stereo at the University Center of the University of Houston in 1969 and 1970. The plan is to eventually put the original raw interviews on this site.

Short Frank Haley drug program promos

Click here to hear the entire KILT broadcast from October 4, 1970.

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