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If you don't want your name to be used or an email to be quoted, please state that at the beginning of your message.

Unless otherwise indicated, all commentary and photography on this site are by Grady McAllister.


Emails on this site do not necessarily represent the opinions of this web site or its associates.

They may also contain statements of fact which I have not verified. I do not have the resources to research every claim or counterclaim to the point of absolute certainty.

This site is not a debating forum for the minor details of radio history.

For example, suppose a one time, big time DJ, writes to me. I'll just call him "Captain Cuttle." The Captain states that he was at station KXXX in 1976.

Then, his long time, drive time nemesis, Doctor Parker Peps, writes, "I was there in 1976, and Captain Cuttle didn't arrive until 1977." Which one am I supposed to believe, The Captain or The Doc?

Do you have time to put yourself in the middle of such a dispute? Neither do I. That is just the sort of imbroglio this site will avoid. After all, who really cares?

Moreover, that is not the sort of email I seek. Most emails appear because they add new information or insight to the materials already on line.

Grady McAllister

February 23, 2009

Note: In the fictionalized DJ story above, the names "Doctor Parker Peps" and "Captain Cuttle" are drawn from the Charles Dicken's novel, Dombey and Son. Any resemblance to the name of an actual DJ is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Email Page

Below are some emails received at Houston Retro Radio. Additional emails appear on the various aircheck pages.

On June 3, 2010, William Grady wrote:


I just spent some time reading your web site, and although I didn't work in Houston in the 60's, I did come in contact with some of the greats. After a few months doing morning news on KENR, I was hired as evening anchor at KILT in the summer of 1970. Jim Carola, gave a 19 year old kid a heck of a break.

Talk about a great teacher, he was amazing. He pushed me into learning news "from the ground up." Robert B McEntire was also a terrific mentor. These guys inspired me do a good job. They taught by example. The same applied when I went to KNUZ , where Chuck Scott was news director .I was fortunate to have worked for and with some legendary journalists and broadcasters .

I still apply what I learned from these solid professionals daily. Houston radio in the 70's, for me, was magical. Your site brought back some great memories. Many thanks, and keep up the good work !

Kindest Regards, Bill Grady, Kansas City

My response:

Thanks for writing. I was thinking about putting your note on my web site.

I never met Jim Carola in person, but I talked to him on the phone as far back as 1965. A decade later, he helped me get my weekend job at KIKK when I only had a year of on the air experience.

Are you working for a station now? Whenever I post an email, I like to connect the name to a station if I can. Please let me know either way. Thanks.

Bill Grady's reply:

I'm now working at KMBZ/Kansas City as a general assignment reporter, with Entercom since 2003 . I've been back in Kansas City since '83. I did my second "tour of duty" at KLIF 1977-1980, then 80-83 at WBAP.

I'm not surprised that Jim helped you get a radio job. His legacy is that he helped a lot of young people in broadcasting. I wish there were more like him.

Kindest Regards, Bill Grady

Richard Dobbyn Remembered

On April 4, 2010 Ken Tyner wrote:

First of all, I thoroughly enjoy your page and the memories of Houston Radio. You are wanting some information on the voice of the first newscast on KILT, January 1, 1965.

What I can give you, almost 100%, is the voice and name of the "introduction" of the news. I worked with Richard Dobbyn in the early 70's and that is Richard. He starts out "KILT news...the news you quote."

The voice giving the news, I just do not recall. It is possible Bill Young or Robert B. McEntire may know. I hope this is some help to you.

Ken Tyner
Freeport, TX

My Response:

Hello, Ken,

You are right about it being Richard Dobbyn speaking on the news intro for the first KILT newscast of 1965. Although it's been many years since I heard him on the air live, I have samples of his voice from KIKK in 1966 and from KNUZ in 1991.

Bob Edwards knew Dobbyn well, and you hear them together on the Mainly 80's page. It is down near the bottom, and that 1991 recording is the most recent aircheck on my site.

I took my airchecks to Bob in 2003, and he was the first person besides me to hear my two KILT 1965 newscasts. He identified Dobbyn on the intro at that time.

The voice recorded live on the January 1 newscast is still a mystery.

One of the things I liked about the early KILT was the bombastic news intros. They always showed great imagination. and they changed frequently.

Today, some of them live on only in my memory. I remember KILT using some classical sounding piece in a news intro during the summer of 1962. I have listened to hundreds of hours of classical music and have never again heard it. I would still know it if I heard it. It may actually be movie music. I have sought it since I was a teenager.

I used to collect news intro music. The music on the 1965 Dobbyn news intro is from the beginning of "I'll Remember April" by Marty Gold and his Orchestra. It was the first track on a 1963 RCA Dynagroove recording called "Soundpower!"

Here is an extended version of the music used in those Richard Dobbyn news intros:

"I'll Remember April" Intro

KILT, (KOST-FM) Houston,
January 1, 1965, hourly newscast

(Richard Dobbyn talking over news intro music)

KIKK, Pasadena, Richard Dobbyn,
December 22, 1966

You can also hear Dobbyn on the News and Talk page during the KILT breaking news coverage of the Kennedy assassination.

My first memory of Richard Dobbyn is from when I was twelve years old before he was widely known as a newsman. I heard him as a DJ on KXYZ along with a man named Lewis or Louis.

This, at least is my recollection. Anything from that long ago is subject to error. The KXYZ show was midday, not morning drive. If fact, that is the only period I remember listening to a two man midday show.

Around that time, I saw Dobbyn's picture in the Chronicle. Richard Dobbyn (then called Dick Dobbyn) was conducting some sort of DJ antic. The caption facetiously said something like: "Dick Dobbyn in one of his more serious moments."

I had this image of him as a funny man, so I was surprised when he emerged as a newsman.

Grady McAllister

Paul Harvey

On April 4, 2010 John Meyers wrote:

Do you have any more of the Paul Harvey News and Commentary archives?  I enjoyed listening to the one that you have on your site from the 1960's.

Do you know of anyone else who might have some old Paul Harvey news?


John Meyers

My response:

Hello, John,

I believe that the only Paul Harvey material I recorded and kept were my KODA recordings from 1964. There is also a little that Gene Arnold recorded.

I know that there were times in the 80's when I thought about recording some typical Paul Harvey newscasts for posterity, but I never did.

I remember just a few years ago when I caught his Saturday broadcast for the last time. I was startled to hear how old he sounded. It's hard to believe he is gone.

When I was in Junior and Senior High, I used to hide a radio in my briefcase, mainly to listen to Paul Harvey at noon.

About ten years ago, I saw an an interview with another old time broadcaster, Ken Nordine. He remarked that as you get old, your voice is the last thing to go. I guess that is reassuring if you are a broadcaster or otherwise work with your voice.

Grady McAllister

The KILT Horse Doctor

On February 10, 2010, Steve Weldon wrote:

Rick Candea (Captain Jack) hired me in 1983 at KILT and said "Do you like horses?" I said "Yes, sir, I sure do!" He said,"Good! I'm gonna call you the Horse Doctor on the air and you are gonna make helping starving horses and the Animal rescue league your cause."

He said,"everybody needs a purpose and this is gonna be yours". I thought it was damn corny but I needed a job and I said "I'm your Horse Doctor!"

He put me in a Doctors smock with a stethoscope big as Texas, a Hoss Cartwright hat and Big black boots that didn't fit! Well I'll be darned if it didn't work! I worked for Rick for 6 of the best years of my life. Rick was my boss and is still my very dear friend. What a great asset to Houston radio! We need more like him!

Steve "Horse Doctor" Weldon

Rowdy Yates, KILT morning drive, sees UFO in Galveston

KUFO is now out of this world, but its body has been found! KUFO was an attempt at an album rock station for Galveston.

On October 19, 2009, Josh Holstead wrote:

Hey Grady:

Josh Holstead here.  aka Rowdy Yates from KILT.  I do not suppose you have any shots of the old KUFO studios?

I was in Sea Isle the other day and saw a place that I SWEAR had the top to their old studio screwed on to it.  I even took a picture.

Let me know, and love the web site.


My response:

Hello, Josh,

I only went to KUFO once, but I think it was on the Flagship Hotel pier. If that was the case, then it would have to be the saucer shaped image in the background of this image.

This photo was taken in the fall of 1980 when I was on the seawall every weekend to practice my photography. I wish I had taken more photos emphasizing the buildings and businesses of the time.

Please let me know whether KUFO was on the Flagship pier or not. If so, I will post this photo along with your message.

Here is the picture I sent to Josh. Look where the red arrow is pointing.That seems to be the KUFO saucer building in the right background on the Flagship pier.

KUFO on Flagship pier in 1980

Josh wrote back:

That is IT!  I'm going to send you a pic from my phone of just where that thing sits now.  Might be something interesting for your site.



Here is the recent picture which Josh sent:

Saucer shaped building

Josh explained:

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry.... It is in Sea Isle, on Lampassas Drive.  Kind of hard to miss!

Can anybody help verify whether either picture was the KUFO building? You can click on my seawall photo for a better view.

I am not completely certain that the new photo is the same saucer as the one on the pier. The top is missing, and I am not sure the windows look the same. It is hard to tell since my own photo was taken at a great distance.

I know that there was more than one building around in the shape of a saucer. I remember seeing one featured in a magazine in the 70's. As I recall, it was somewhere in Texas but not in the Houston area . I need someone who worked at KUFO to look at both pictures.

Gordon Bassham

On October 25, 2009, Gordon Bassham wrote:

Hi Grady,Good to see someone still remembers the “golden days” of Houston radio.  Hope the years have treated you well GB.

Note: Gordon Bassham attended Communications classes with me at the University of Houston. He had previously worked at KMSC in Clear Lake and went on to a long career in broadcasting.

Lou Hanlon

On October 1, 2009, Mary Dillon wrote:

Dear Grady,
Hello and THANK YOU for such a fantastic site and all the memories -- brought back many, many fond memories of being at various radio stations with my Dad as a child in Houston and going with him to functions, events, and even some interviews he did.
     My name is Mary Dillon.  I'm 53 years old and reside in the Austin, Texas area. 
My father was Lou Hanlon (radio name and the name his friends knew him by); full name Luther O'Hanlon.  He was a radio newscaster and DJ during the 1960s and 70s in Houston.  He passed away in the early 1990s and I'm currently trying to track down ANYONE in Radio during that time who remembers him.   
     I'm ultimately trying to put together a chronological history of where he worked when (which stations, dates) AND would gladly pay for ANY recordings of his voice.  (I listened to several things - most I think!) on your site and didn't hear him, though I recognized jingles and station announcements that he too would make.
     I know he worked at KTRH, KEYH (talk/news).  The only DATE I have is that he was at KEYH News in 1976.  He also once worked at KODA in the 1960s.  I believe he also worked at KPRC and KXYZ and KULF.  Possibly others and maybe one of these is wrong.
     He was a very petite man, but quite handsome, lots of red/(auburn brown as he got older) hair.  He originally came out of Armed Forces Radio; did numerous radio shows back then overseas in Europe (I was born in Germany).   I have many photos of him in radio recording rooms back in the late 1940s and 50s - and one from the early-mid-70s in Houston. I could scan this and send it to anyone who thinks they may have known him. 
     He had a marvelous deep baritone friendly voice, was a people person, great interviewer and liked either investigative reporting or human interest stories.  I've run into people over the years who recall listening to him and the name, but no one yet who was in Radio back then that knew him.  He also worked as a DJ off and on; worked a lot of late night hours too.
     Any suggestions?  Or do you know anyone else I could write to that may recall him?
      ANY assistance at all would be greatly appreciated!
      Best Regards,
      Mary (O'Hanlon) Dillon

Chuck McCann

On August 18, 2009 Chuck McCann wrote:

Hi Grady,

Just came across your site.

I, like all the others, enjoyed so much the memories of early Houston/Galveston radio.

Names and events I have long forgotten were reborn again.

Thanks for the memories.

Chuck McCann – KMSC, KRBE, KNUZ, KILE. 1968-1972

President - A.R.E. Network

Austin, Texas


Bill Moffett

On September 29, 2008, Bill Moffett - Moffett Productions wrote:

I found your site by fortune the other night while enjoying surfing. I worked at the very latter days of KXYZ from 1975-1979. It was one of the greatest stations I ever worked at and I worked at a few. KXYZ KLOL KFMK KAUM KSRR WLS.

I love your site. Please contact me.

Bill Moffett, President/CEO
Moffett Productions, Inc.
16140 Kuykendahl, Suite 126
Houston, Texas 77068
PH: 281-440-0044


On July 26, 2008, Roger Reini wrote:

I still keep up with the Houston Retro Radio site, and I've found a tie-in to that.

On Buddy McGregor's KNUZ clip from June 16, 1965, they talk of watching P.J. Proby's appearance on Shindig that evening. That episode of Shindig is available on YouTube in seven segments. The first segment, the only one I've watched so far, is at

The other 6 segments are there, too; look for SHINDIG 40.

Now that's what I call an interesting convergence, indeed!

Roger Reini

KNUZ, Houston,
June 16, 1965, Buddy McGregor

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