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Below: December, 1980. The Buccaneer Hotel, one of the historic landmarks in Galveston. It was demolished on New Years Day, 1999.

A skater inspects her skates near Galveston's Buccaneer Hotel in Decamber, 1980

Moody Gardens aquamarine water orange sky

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featuring CLASSIC HITS of the 60's, 70's & 80's

OLD, BUT NEW TO YOU... Online for the very first time March 4, 2018...

Ron Foster, August 11, 2005

Added February, 2018

Ron Foster, September 23, 2008

Ron Foster, April 25, 2005

Ron Foster, July 17. 2006

Added January, 2018

Ron Foster, June 29, 1989, WAM, North Fort Myers, Florida

Ron Foster, January 9, 2006

Ron Foster, December 19, 2002

Added December, 2017

Ron Foster, July 17. 2009

Ron Foster, September 24, 2007

Ron Foster, November 20, 2007

Added November, 2017

Ron Foster, October 28, 2005

Ron Foster, September 19, 2005

Ron Foster, April 29, 2005

Ron Foster, May 30, 2005

Ron Foster, November 7, 2007

Ron Foster, July 19, 2005

Ron Foster, July 20, 2005

Added OCTOBER, 2017

Ron Foster, February 17, 2006

Ron Foster, July 15, 2009

Ron Foster, January 3, 2003

Ron Foster, May 9, 2007

Ron Foster, April 4, 2006

Added SEPTEMBER, 2017

Ron Foster, November 24, 2004

Ron Foster, August 25, 2005

Ron Foster, February 11, 2009

Added JulY, 2017

Ron Foster, January 30, 2008

Ron Foster, September 2, 2005

Ron Foster, September 11, 2008

Ron Foster, September 15, 2008

Ron Foster, December 20, 2003

Ron Foster, November 7, 2005

Ron Foster, February 11, 2002

Added June, 2017

Ron Foster, August 29, 2002

Ron Foster, March, 1988, WTAM,
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater.

Ron Foster, December 21, 2006
Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell

Ron Foster, August 11, 2009

Added April, 2017

Ron Foster, July, 1988

Added March, 2017

Ron Foster, October 29, 2007

Ron Foster, May 10, 1989, WENE, Binghamton New York, Part 1

Ron Foster, May 10, 1989, WENE, Binghamton New York, Part 2

Added February, 2017

Ron Foster, May 16, 2008

Ron Foster, January 27, 2009

Added January, 2017

Ron Foster, August 22, 2008

Added November, 2016

Ron Foster, KIKK, Houston-Pasadena, 1986

These are some of the best moments from the KIKK morning show, featuring Ron Foster, Pam Ivey, Dan Stevens, Willie Sancho, Chuck Wolfe, Mark Berman and more.

Ron Foster, June 29, 1989,
WAM, St. Petersburg, Florida, Part 1

Ron Foster, June 29, 1989
WAM, St. Petersburg, Florida, Part 2

Classic hits from three decades.

Ron Foster, December 10, 2005

Ron Foster, June 18, 2003

Added October, 2016

Ron Foster, May 2, 2007

Ron Foster, August, 2009

Ron Foster, September 25, 2009

Ron Foster, April 21, 2003

Ron Foster, July 31, 2009

Ron Foster, China Broadcast 2, 1998

Ron Foster includes this comment regarding the above China show: "The quality of this recording is not up to par,  however, that quality is outranked by the historical significance of the broadcast.   Several shows were recorded in China by David Snow (English name)  who became the eqivalent of an American Idol winner once these shows aired in China.  The air quality of each show is always of utmost importance to us, however, this show is a must-listem if without it."

Added September, 2016

Ron Foster, September 27, 2004

Ron Foster, May 24, 2005

Added August, 2016

Ron Foster, WSM, 1992

Ron Foster, April 3, 2006

Ron Foster, November 3, 2007

Ron Foster, February 12, 2006

Ron Foster, October 8, 2009

Ron Foster, July 13, 2009

Ron Foster, November 1, 2007

Ron Foster, recording date unknown

Ron Foster, September 3, 2003

Ron Foster, May 15, 2007

Ron Foster, November 7, 2007

Ron Foster, September 23, 2009

Added July, 2016

Ron Foster, June 5, 2007

Ron Foster interviews the Beach Boys.

Ron Foster on 06/06/06, Part A

Ron Foster on 06/06/06, Part B

Ron Foster, China Broadcast, late 90's

Ron Foster sent us this aircheck from KILE:

KILE, summer of 1966

Main table




silhouette of arrow sign with water in background

Ron Foster: My first night on KILE 

Tom was there explaining the control panel to me.  It's where you run the show.  It's called the board.  KILE's board was a Gates just like KTLW.  I was learning which switch to use for which turntable and which control for the commercials and which one opened the mike.   I was practicing out loud on a station ID that was less than a minute away.  I used the same name I was using on KTLW and the name I used on the station log.  Rick Hamilton.  I had adopted my step-father's last name.   

I adjusted the earphone volume, put markers designating which control knob controlled which element and I continued to practice:  "Rick Hamilton here on KILE, Galveston. It's six o'clock."

Tom: "No, let's not use that name.  You use that on KTLW and we sell to the same advertisers."

"Okay."  I looked at the clock.  30 seconds.  "Ah?"

"Use Ron.  That's close to Rick."

"Okay."  20 seconds.  "Ron.  Ah?"

"Think of a rich-sounding last name.  Like Ron Rockefeller."

10 seconds.   I think I must have looked at him funny.   Ron Rockefeller?  Give me a kazoo and clown hat.  Jeez.

"No.  Ron Foster.  That's it!"   Without knowing it, Tom had just made a bit of rock and roll history.  At least in my book. 

3-2-1.  "It's 6 o'clock on KILE in Galveston with Ron Foster."

Tom Tyler came up with my name that day,  that minute, that second at KILE!  

I had to actually write it down and post it all over the board so I wouldn't forget who I was until I got used to being who I'd just become: Ron Foster.  

I didn't have a style. There really was no "Ron Foster."  He had just been born.   I was Rickey Hamilton from Texas City High School on KILE flying by the seat of my pants.   It was at that moment in time, about 15 minutes on the air the first night, when I found myself falling into the Hank Hammer rhythm.  

I was in over my head here.  At that moment I didn't care who had heard him. Nor did I care if I were perceived as copying him.   I needed a buddy in the trenches in which I now found myself.  Tag, Hank, you're it.   I became Hank Hammer. Hanky-poo became Ronnie-poo.  I almost sounded professional.   His advice worked.   Smile.   This book is all about the Law of Attraction.   I was not intended to get the job at KNUZ with Hank Hammer.  I was there to learn.  I'd give my first night on KILE an A.  I really would. It often happens that way. 

As long as I could get my Hank Hammer fix during the week - as long as I could hear him do his thing, I could do my version of it.  Worked like a charm.  I sounded better than I should have. 

But, as they say, the world turns.  Summer becomes winter and darkness arrives earlier and before too many more weekends at KILE, I could not pick up KNUZ at night in Texas City. By law they had to cut to 250 watts after sunset.  I could not hear Hank Hammer.  The umbilical cord was cut.  I had to become myself. I had to breathe on my own.  I had to develop my own style.  

KILE.  Everyone who ever worked there loved the place.  One summer my job was to drive this super cool KILE dune buggy all over the island to interview out of town tourists and ask them how they were enjoying the local attractions like Sea- Arama.  "Have you visited Sea-Arama yet and watched 'em wresting alligators?"   The idea was to use these questions to mention and plug paying clients like Sea-Arama.  The live beach reports were brought to you by Lone Star Beer.  That'll work. 

So, there I was cruising up and down the beach in this cool dune buggy looking for hot chicks from out of town to interview.  What could be better?  They were actually paying me to do this!   I'd locate an out of-state license plate and find out who it belonged to.   If they were female and good looking they were on the radio. 

I was on KILE going into my senior year in high school.  I didn't tell anyone I was Ron Foster but word got around. People who hadn't spoken to me in years were, all of a sudden friendly again. And that was fine by me.  I never got the big head about it.  Never.  I'd done that with the Detours. Thought I was hot stuff.   Took people for granted, especially my girlfriend.  Those two years in the TCHS isolation ward had taught me well.  Plus, I was older and more mature.  

"Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."   That was the line Casey Kasem closed his "American Top 40" with every week.   I had never met Casey.  Or wrestled alligators at Sea-Arama.

Both were a few years away.

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