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The web sites listed below are not part of VASTHEAD.COM or HOUSTONRETRO.COM. If you go to any of the links in this box, you will have left this web site.

History of Telecommunication

Current Houston area radio stations

Houston Radio History Blog Spot
The Houston Radio History Blog Spot is operated by long time Houston broadcaster Bruce Williamson. The site includes significant research on Houston radio history and numerous rare photos.


Radio Heritage Foundation

Reel Radio

Alex Bennett's Web Site

The Bill Calder Collection

Bayou City History

Boys from Houston - Music History

Jim Rose Remembers Radio
Mr. Rose is a former Houston DJ who writes about radio and entertainment.

Len Hart's Blog

Monitor Tribute Pages

Monitor was the weekend service of NBC Radio. KPRC carried it for two decades.

Ken Nordine & Word Jazz
I have been familiar with Ken Nordine since a friend brought over the first two Word Jazz recordings when I was 20 years old. Ken Nordine has influenced a lot of us who take an experimental attitude toward media. If you are new to Nordine, a good place to start is the current four album Word Jazz compilation. If you don't know his albums, you will know his voice when you hear it. Among radio people, his voice is about as familiar as Orson Wells.

PAMS of Dallas jingles

Photo Houston

Bob Edwards (Bob "Blade" Parker)

Bob has helped with this radio site since before it even existed. In 2003, he happened to call me asking if I had any old airchecks. It was our first conversation since 1984.

As synchronicity would have it, I had just finished copying all my airchecks to CD, using a series of borrowed reel to reel tape units. Before that, the recordings had not been heard in at least two decades.

We got together and swapped recordings. As a result of that meeting, I concluded that there was more interest in old airchecks than I had thought.

Nearly all of my original recording are on line. The main purpose for the site now is to seek out air check which have never been on the internet before. When I received something as a reel to reel tape, I rely on Bob's studio to edit the recording and to convert it to digital form.

In a time long ago, in a place not far away, I worked for Bob at KBUK in Baytown.

Bob Parker's SHOUTcast internet station. for Houston-Galveston

Radio Online

Rock Radio Scrapbook

Rock Radio Scrapbook Quotes

Dayna Steele

We know Houston radio sucks