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This was the first Vasthead song lyric page, added during the summer of 1998.

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By Mary Hopkin (1968)

Written By Donovan Leitch
The moon is like a boat, my love,
of lemon peel afloat, my love,
and with a sail of gauze, my love,
she seems to slightly pause,
upon her silent way all on her starry way.

I see her pearly decks, my love,
set in with diamond specks, my love,
I see her pearly mast, my love,
far from her sea-shell past
and gently does she sway all on her starry way.

Silk they have been spun, my love,
her ropes that limply run, my love,
down to her carved prow, my love,
down to her mermaid prow,
and softly does she sway all on her starry way.

All in the sea of sky, my love,
the moonships sail and fly, my love,
tho' many are their kind, my love,
tho' all need but one wind,
to make their starry way,
to make their starryway.

And there will come a time, my love,
O may it be in mine, my love,
when men will proudly rise, my love,
and board to sail the skies,
moonships from all the spheres,
moonships from all the spheres.

The men be bathed in light, my love,
the women clothed in white, my love,
all in that wonderous fleet, my love,
as each the other meets,
will smile and softly sing,
will smile and softly sing.

And on some distant sand, my love,
the ships will gently land, my love,
fair folk will meet them there,
my love,with flowing golden hair,
and great will be their joy and great will be joy.

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