TO A PIANISTE by James Thomson (B.V)

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To a Pianiste


I SAW thee once, I see thee now;
    Thy pure young face, thy noble mien,
Thy truthful eyes, thy radiant brow;
    All childlike, lovely, and serene;
Rapt in harmonious visions proud,
Scarce conscious of the audient crowd.

I heard thee when the instrument,
    Possessed and quickened by thy soul,
Impassioned and intelligent,
    Responded to thy full control
With all the treasures of its dower,
Its sweetest and its grandest power.

I saw and heard with such delight
    As rarely charms our lower sphere
Blind Handel would not miss his sight,
    Thy beauty voiced thus in his ear;
Beethoven in that face would see
His glorious unheard harmony.


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