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An exploration of classic time management training systems, including Charles R. Hobbs (Time Power) , Alec Mackenzie (The Time Trap), Hyrum Smith (The Franklin Planner),  and Stephen R. Covey (Quadrant III Time Management, First Things First).

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South Jetty in Galveston

Above: Galveston's Apffel Park and South Jetty at dawn in 1982. Click image for a full view.

Downtown Houston

Above: Downtown Houston as viewed from the Williams Tower.

Dual Time ClocKS

Pearland High School Athletic Field

Above: Dawn at the Pearland High School athletic field, March 8, 2013.


Below: Dixie Farm Road Park at dusk, September 6, 2011. The park is southeast of Houston on Blackhawk Boulevard.

Dixie Farm Road Park at Dusk

Water retention pond, South Belt Hike & Bike Trail

Above: South Belt Hike & Bike Trail, February 19. 2012. Located in southeast Harris County near Pearland, the "lake" is a water detention basin. The pond only appears after a heavy rainfall and disappears with the return of dry weather.

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Moon rise at Galveston seawall monument

Below: Sunset over Galveston's north shore. From this vantage point, the sun only sets over the water for the few days in the fall and in the late winter. Click images for a larger view.

smal boat and sunset

Dixie Farm Road Park. Dull sun shining through clouds.

Above: Dixie Farm Road Park near Pearland, Texas, January 23, 2012. All photos by Grady McAllister.

Above: Tennis at Freeway Manor Park, southeast Houston suburbia, 1964

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"Then there is electricity..."

OVER TWENTY YEARS ONLINE... The Vasthead has different sections for different purposes. Our Houston radio history page has received attention nationwide. Every page with the arrow emblem is part of VASTHEAD.COM.

Power Point: Making Words Work on the Web

To get the full meaning of this presentation, you should read the speaker notes which go with most of the slides. You can advance the slides with the right arrow key on your keyboard.

To come to the point at once...

I am seeking employment in training and education. Here are the areas where I am most qualified:

  • As a trainer, teacher, facilitator and presenter.
  • As a developer of original training materials.

Above is a link to a Power Point presentation, complete with speaker notes. I have also worked with Adobe Captivate, and I am particularly interested in becoming more involved with online learning.

In a few words, here is my background:

  • A master's degree in training, occupational education, and instructional design: Fully versed in the ADDIE model for creating original training.

  • Technical, business, and career training: Able to create original learning modules based on focused interviews with subject matter experts.

  • Organizational development: Have worked in the oil industry to help transition to self-directed work teams. Was the lead developer for training to improve oil field vehicle safety.

  • A flexible general writer: Able to create vibrant press releases, speeches, news copy, and web site text.

  • As a manager: Directed learning resources and media services at the Texas Medical Center.

If you haven any questions about my qualifications for a particular job or project, please don't hesitate to call. My number is 713-944-2636.

Extended online resume

Write to this site | My resume as a concise pdf | Extended online resume

A very brief summary of my background | My LinkedIn page

My Twitter page | My public Facebook page

© Copyright 2OO1-2O22 by Grady McAllister

Avast, Vastheads! You have reached the one, true home page for all of VASTHEAD.COM. This page has been on line since 1997.

The Vasthead is the professional web site of Grady McAllister of Houston, Texas.

Some links in the upper left highlight a background in training and development.

Other links take you to complete web sites within this web site, each serving a different purpose.

For example, The Galveston Arrow is a site that promotes tourism for Galveston. It also monitors all the . Another page, The Houston Balloon monitors all the current conditions over, near, and surrounding Houston.

Another group of pages, Houston Retro Radio, is an educational resource site that preserves part of the history of the Houston area.

Houston Retro Radio is quite possibly the most thoroughly appreciated radio history site ever created.

Who says so? Click here if you dare to know.

Also, don't be too surprised by What Others Say. That page highlights work related comments about Grady McAllister.

Dear Prospective Employer:

I am Grady McAllister of Houston, Texas, and I am involved in occupational education. I am qualified as an instructional designer, a developer of training, a facilitator, a technical writer, and instructional technology technician.

I have worked as a commercial broadcaster, a teacher and trainer, a writer of instructional materials, an evaluator of training, a learning resource manager, and a provider of instructional media services.

I have a Master's degree in Training and Occupational Education from the College of Technology at the University of Houston.

You can go directly to a variety of work samples. Simply click on any link on this site where you see the phrase "Work Samples."

This web site also includes an extended on line resume.

If you have any questions, please feel free to phone me or send me an email.

Grady McAllister

Phone: 713-944-2636

The design of this home page last changed:

January 1, 2022 .

About the arrow . . .

The arrow image is an early 35mm photo by Grady McAllister. Taken along the Galveston seawall, the anamorphic image is the emblem for all The Vasthead web pages.

That includes The Galveston Arrow, The Houston Balloon, and Houston Retro Radio. Those are secondary web sites hosted by VASTHEAD.COM.

Any page with the arrow is part of VASTHEAD.COM. Clicking on the arrow in the upper right returns you to this page from any other page.

"Then there is electricity ... a VAST HEAD"

Who? What? . . . is The Vasthead?

The Vasthead name comes from Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author of the American literary classic, The Scarlet Letter.

The phrase "vast head" appears in of his 1851 novel, The House of the Seven Gables. In Chapter 17, an elderly character named Clifford speaks the words during a sudden, unplanned train trip, a ride to nowhere in particular.

As the train jaunts into the New England countryside, Clifford finds himself enchanted by the railway and the passing telegraph wires. Slipping into a manic mode of thought, he is ecstatic about the new technology and the new world it is likely to bring.

The full quotation in context

Moody Gardens view over the water in February, 2007

We created the banner below in 1999 with our first version of Photoshop. Click on it for a handy weather display.